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RUWASSA has seven (7) Departments headed by Directors, Department of Administration and Supply Planning/Research and Statistics Groundwater Resources Sanitation Operations and Maintenance Hygiene Finance and Accounts

Administration and Supplies

Responsible for staff recruitment, promotion, discipline and general welfare. The department is also in charge of store, procurement of stationary, furniture, office facilities and their maintenance.

 Planning, Research and Statistics

Responsible for annual budget of the agency, coordination of the agency with development partners, monitoring and evaluation of projects, research and statistics associated with the agency.

Groundwater Resources

Responsible for the exploration, and exploitation of groundwater in rural communities across Borno State, Nigeria. The department also rehabilitates boreholes.


Responsible for the implementation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes/projects in rural communities within Borno State. The department also collaborates with development partners such UNICEF, AfDB, ICRC etc. to carry out WASH related projects in rural communities of the state.

Water Quality and Hygiene

Responsible for all hygiene related activities/projects such as hygiene promotion, water quality analysis/assessment and hygiene promotion across to the rural communities in Borno State.

Finance and Account

Responsible for the proper record keeping of daily transaction of the agency.

Operations and Maintenance – is responsible for providing all engineering services of the agency. The department involves in maintenance of all vehicles, plants, and equipment of the agency. It also designs and construct all infrastructures for the agency, and maintains all the drilling rigs of the agency.