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Purpose & Functions


A) For the purpose of carrying out its functions under the law and any other enactment, the Agency shall have power:-

  1. To acquire and ear-mark lands in rural areas in consultation with the appropriate authority for the purpose of sinking wells, boreholes, constructing earth dams and providing cattle troughs.
  2. To acquire and distribute materials in rural communities for the purpose of sinking wells or laying pipes;
  3. To enter any land in the rural areas, after serving a written notice for the purpose of examining any surface or under groundwater so as to determine its productivity, quality and quantity.
  4. To examine and test the existence and extent of pollution in water and provide remedies therefore;
  5. To construct supporting structure to wells or artesian wells.
  6. To inspect any water works and to check wastage, obstruction or damage to any service.
  7. To liaise with donor agencies on all poverty alleviation programmes (or whatever name that may be called)
  8. To extract water from underground sources by means of sinking boreholes, wells, artesian wells and the construction of their supporting structures.
  9. To enter any land or premises after giving notice where practicable to owners or occupiers, for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of water used or to be used, and
  10. Controlling the supply of water to any rural area in the state.

B) The Agency shall in addition have powers to enter into agreement for the sinking of any earth dam, well or the drilling of any borehole or examining the quality and quantity of water supplied or to be supplied in any rural area in the state.


  1. To control and manage rural water works
  2. To establish, manage, extend and develop rural water works for the purpose of providing water for consumption.
  3. To provide rural boreholes, well sinking, rural sanitation and maintenance.
  4. To mobilize rural people for community training and development
  5. To create public relation in rural community on the need to embark on self-help projects and their maintenance.
  6. To promote and encourage communal interest and participation in rural water works; and
  7. Such other functions as the Governor may confer on the Board which can be performed conveniently with the afore stated functions.